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  • Erläuterungen

    Montello 2012–15

    Augsburg, H2 Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst im Glaspalast, 2012

    Hamburg, Galerie Osterwalder, 2012

    13 black-and-white prints of various formats, 5 reliefs of oak and terracotta

    580 × 210 × 20 cm

    The work consists of black-and-white photographs of various formats of a mountain landscape in the Italian Alps, the Adamello group, integrated into a frame.
    The photographs are fragments of bodies, sometimes as reliefs, sometimes as full sculptures. They are arranged to create a context and to contrast centered, physical, momentary existence and appearance with the open, infinite diversity of a peripheral space, a continuum.
    The Adamello groups was the site of many battles in the First World War.

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